A Bit About COP26!

I share with you my thoughts on COP26 and Global Climate Change Agreements!
COP26 Goals: https://ukcop26.org/cop26-goals/

Paris Agreement:
Paris Agreement is "Dangerous Distraction" Author(s): Jaron Browne and Tom Goldtooth Source: Race, Poverty & the Environment , 2016, Vol. 21, No. 1, Power in Place (2016), pp. 92-95

“The COP21 Negotiations: One Step Forward”, Two Steps Back Author(s): Joanna Diane Caytas, Columbia University, (2018)

The Paris Agreement and the LDCs: Analysing COP21 outcomes from LDC positions, Achala Abeysinghe, Brianna Craft, Janna Tenzing International Institute for Environment and Development (Mar. 1, 2016)

Paris Agreement is "Dangerous Distraction" Jaron Browne, Tom Goldtooth Race, Poverty & the Environment, Vol. 21, No. 1, Power in Place (2016), pp. 92-95