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Tired of the Politics Turning into a Slugfest?
Me too.

I created the Strong and Free Podcast to explore different perspectives of the most controversial topics with genuine curiosity. I want to create a space for people to share their views and not be beaten down by my own opinion or bias.

This means inviting guests and representatives of organizations to share their opinions, how they view current issues and recommendations they see for moving forward. This also means producing engaging discussion so listeners come away with an enhanced perspective on an issue.

What you can expect from me:
With each episode, I am going to work tirelessly to remove my own opinion and bias, and truly explore a topic with the individual and organization. I do not want to talk over the individual, nor come across as if I am taking sides. This will not be easy, so please call me out if I do!

Many have told me they want a real conversation. That means discussing the biggest issues while maintaining a level of accessibility. I do not want this Podcast to be an academic discussion for only academics. Everyone, regardless of politics, views, perspectives, education level should be able to tune in and feel a little bit of their concerns, questions and issues are reflected through me.

Here's my Publication on Medium. Join me on this movement towards fair, balanced discourse. My hope is from each episode, you can keep the conversation going based on what you have heard!