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Christopher is well prepared and open minded, he is providing a useful service! We have an urgent need to learn to listen to people with differing political perspectives; usually all sides have important perspectives. Keep it up!

Rational debate

Thank you, Christopher, for providing what the world badly needs - rational debate without polarisation.

Provides rational debate

This podcast provides the rational debate missing from many global issues that have become polarised into 'I'm right; you're wrong', instead of 'here's my reasons for my view, but I'm willing to listen to yours'. I admire Christopher's courage in presenting such diverse and controversial topics.


The interview with Judith Curry was absolutely mind blowing. She is a world treasure. A brilliant scientist who will not be pressured into spewing dogma even if it gets her uninvited to share by the elites. The spirit of Galileo is smiling on her. Thank you Strong and Free for inviting her.

Important work

Facilitating conversation and listening amongst people coming from all backgrounds and points of view is something we don’t do enough of. Glad to have come across the podcast. Keep up the great work Christopher!