Community Policing Episodes

Community Policing

Community Policing with the LGBTQ2S Community: A Conversation with Sgt. Henry Dyck of the Toronto Police

Sept. 19, 2020

I sit down with Sgt. Henry Dyck (@TDotGayCop) to learn about the work the Toronto Police is doing with the LGBTQ2S community.

Community Policing

Community Policing: A Conversation with Sgt. Jeff Zammit of the Toronto Police

July 7, 2020

I discuss the critical need for community-based policing with Sgt. Jeff Zammit of the Toronto Police. We also discuss the Neighbourhood Community Officer Program in Toronto.

Community Policing

Enforcing the Law and the Need for Community-based Policing

June 14, 2020

I attempt to unpack the nuances of community issues and the challenges police face enforcing the law.

Community Policing

Youth Hidden in Plain Sight: Part 2 - Warren Abbey

June 7, 2020

I sit down with Warren Abbey for Part 2 of our conversation from March (link: to discuss his time in prison and what changes could be made to provide hope for those in jail.

Community Policing The Gun Violence Conversation

Youth Hidden in Plain Sight: Warren Abbey's Story on Guns, Gangs and Violence

March 7, 2020

Warren Abbey has spent over 11 yrs in prison and since, has written a Creative Writing book called "Honour Thy Brother" and is working to reform youth and help them make better choices in their lives.