March 27, 2019

Before You Reply Online: 01!

Before You Reply Online: 01!

I’m excited to share with you a new podcast series (surprise!): “Before You Reply Online”! We’ve all been there: someone posts something on our social media feeds that we absolutely disagree with: maybe it’s just a difference of opinion - or maybe it’s something so deeply upsetting to us, we can’t even fathom to look! So what do we do? We reply! And looking back, it might not have been the most...thoughtful reply ;). 

This series will be about giving you some tips, tools and tricks through trial and error that I am trying to employ to prevent the inevitable ‘flame war’ from happening. Using my own experience, I'll try to guide you through the mental steps necessary before hitting that reply button. 

Don’t flame people, kids. Let’s keep this respectful! And as always, stay balanced, stay informed!

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