Sept. 28, 2021

Basic Income: Geoff Crocker, Editor of the Basic Income Forum, and

Is there something to be said about our existence on earth and its link with work? What if governments took care of our basic necessities? How would this factor into this purpose? And could a Basic Income system be used as justification by governments to reduce spending on social welfare programs? If the government is providing a basic income for the necessities in life, does that provide them with rationale to remove other social programs? What are the unintended actions of this?

I sit down with Geoff Crocker, Editor of the Basic Income Forum and to discuss these. Geoff is an advocate of a Basic Income system, and has written and lectured extensively on the issue.

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Geoff Crocker, Basic Income and Sovereign Money -,in%20reducing%20effective%20aggregate%20demand.

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Tired of watching the nightly news turn into a slugfest? 

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I'm sure you have had those moments that changed or altered your perspective on a topic. It might have been a comment, an article, a book, or a Podcast (shameless plug)! In today's media coverage, it can be challenging to understand different ideas and interpretations when the nightly news allows for only a few minutes at most of actual discussion. 

I created the Strong and Free Podcast to explore news topics by gathering multiple perspectives together and allowing people and organizations to discuss their opinions with detail. This allows for a nuanced conversation. It also means putting aside my own bias to explore these to the fullest. It means making all guests feel welcomed to share their opinions safely, without fear that the host will paint them into a corner, or make them sound incoherent. I want this place to be truly safe. I believe everyone, even those I disagree with, deserve to be treated with respect and to be on the Podcast to share their perspective. It also means having a concrete discussion on issues and determining the best way forward.

You might be asking why. And the answer is simple: I believe conversations are how we can shape our future. As long as we restore thoughtful approaches to the biggest issues of our time our conversations will have deep, valuable meaning. And, we enrich our own opinion.

In order to build our stance we must consider the best evidence against it. 

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