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Me in one sentence: a Millennial kid from Toronto who wants more nuanced conversations on the most pressing issues of our time! 

My high school law class opened me up to debates on social issues and it fascinated me. Throughout university, I was very skeptical of what Professors were teaching. Why were we reading the books we were? What framework were the authors basing their assumptions on? And should we not question these? Yep, I was that person in class. 

That general curiosity lead me to always take the opposing view. It was not that I disagreed with the class nor the Professor: I wanted to be sure we were understanding the other side completely. And if we were not, why? 

Throughout many, at times awkward conversations on politics with family and friends, I have come to the realization that I am certain of nothing and these issues are far from settled. All too often, I turn on the news and find analysts and media personalities present these issue with great certainty. 

What if there was a Podcast that did not provide any certainty on any issue? My goal is to remove as many of my own bias as possible and present you, the listener/viewer with content that is truly compelling. 

Why Create the Strong and Free Podcast?

I created the Strong and Free Podcast to explore news topics by gathering multiple perspectives together and allowing people and organizations to discuss their opinions with detail. This allows for a nuanced conversation. It also means putting aside my own bias to explore these to the fullest. It means making all guests feel welcomed to share their opinions safely, without fear that the host will paint them into a corner, or make them sound incoherent. I want this place to be truly safe. I believe everyone, even those I disagree with, deserve to be treated with respect and to be on the Podcast to share their perspective. It also means having a concrete discussion on issues and determining the best way forward.

You might be asking why. And the answer is simple: I believe conversations are how we can shape our future. As long as we restore thoughtful approaches to the biggest issues of our time our conversations will have deep, valuable meaning. And, we enrich our own opinion.



About the Host

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Christopher Balkaran


Hi and welcome! I created the Strong and Free Podcast to be the place to explore interesting perspectives on the topics of our time. Through this exploration, I hope to provide a welcoming environment to all guests to feel that they can share their ideas and opinions without judgment. My hope is you will take something from each episode that can add to your own perspectives.

I'm always looking for feedback and ideas for topics and future guests. Feel free to connect with me anytime and let me know what you think!